MPH in Health Education (Masters in Public Health)

If you’re interested in education in the health industry, going the traditional route to get a degree in education and teach at a high school or college isn’t your only choice. You can also consider pursuing a master of public health (MPH) in health education. (See also MHA degrees in health education.) While this degree doesn’t necessarily put you on a career track toward getting a teaching certificate, it does allow you to work as an educator in a field that is passionate for you.

With a degree in public health and a concentration in education, a number of career options open to you. Many students go on to work for government organizations, non-profits, private facilities, research groups, social service agencies, hospitals, and volunteer programs, teaching people about public health matters. Typically, your job will focus on helping the general public prevent health problems like diseases and injuries. You may also work in a more corporate capacity, teaching employees how to deal with a health crisis or prevent problems in the first place.

Your MPH course will include classes teaching both traditional advanced public health skills, as well as skills important for educators. Communication, public relations, team building, and organization are all skills that at typically emphasizes in a MPH in health education program, though your exact program depends on the college you choose to attend. The sky really is the limit when it comes to a career with an MPH in health education degree; positions are open for everything from clinic-based educators who talk to teens to government officials who represent federal agencies when there’s a public health concern.

MPH in Health Education Degrees Online

Online Master’s in Health Care Programs

Walden University
Master of Health Administration
Walden University — The Walden online MHA degree emphasizes an understanding of the critical day-to-day issues associated with health administration and clinical support services. Career opportunities available upon graduation include health care providers, health care suppliers, health insurance organizations, and healthcare policy organizations.
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Boston University
MS in Health Communication
Boston University — The MS in health communication program from Boston University is composed of 18 credit hours and can be earned in as few as 18 months with no GRE or campus visits required. Students of this program will learn how to tackle all healthcare issues related to communication and will be able to provide information to the media and public.
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University of Illinois at Chicago
MS in Health Informatics
MS in Patient Safety
University of Illinois at Chicago — As one of the oldest colleges that offers online degree programs in healthcare (UIC was founded initially in 1858), the University of Illinois, Chicago is a leader in health education, offering master's degree programs in health informatics and patient safety leadership.
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Kaplan University
MS in Healthcare Mgmt
Kaplan University — For those looking to achieve management roles within the healthcare industry, whether it be in a doctor's office, hospital, outpatient center, or something similar, Kaplan University offers a master's degree program that encompasses many of the business teaching of its MBA program along with a specialized knowledge of healthcare business in its MS in Healthcare Management degree program.
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