Top 50 Healthcare IT Blogs

by The Health Sensei on February 01, 2010

So many great blogs about healthcare IT exist, but — unfortunately — many of them are not updated on a regular basis. This point is important for blogs that deal with an ever-changing field. This is one point we considered in the following list of top fifty healthcare IT blogs…the other points we considered were relevant information along with a good following and a well-written and easy-to-comprehend blog.

The blogs below are divided into categories, and each blog is list alphabetically within those categories by the blog title.

CIO and IT Technician Blogs

  1. Candid CIO: Will Weider, CIO of Ministry Health Care and Affinity Health System, shares what he has learned through his mistakes and “other crazy things in the life of a healthcare CIO.”
  2. Christina’s Considerations: This hospital and healthcare administrator talks about information exchange, technology and more on her blog (heavy on the RHIO).
  3. eHealth: John Sharp is an IT Manager for a major medical center in Northeast Ohio. Areas of expertise include: ehealth, personal health records, Web 2.0 technologies, social media and project management.
  4. HealthBlog: Microsoft’s worldwide health senior director, Bill Crounse, MD, offers his thoughts on how information technology can improve healthcare delivery and services around the world.
  5. Healthcare IT Consultant Blog: This blog was designed specifically with the healthcare IT professional in mind. You can find current news, trends, events and informative specialty topics that directly impact your everyday functions here.
  6. Healthcare IT Weblog: Learn about healthcare IT issues and other “stuff” from Dr. Adrian Fawlinson, director of medical informatics at Brown & Toland Physicians in San Francisco.
  7. HealthTech: This blog is run by a small group of technically-minded people working in the informatics division of RemedyMD – an Electronic Health Record company in Salt Lake City, UT.
  8. Life as a Healthcare CIO: John D. Halamka MD writes about his life as a healthcare CIO who supports 3000 doctors, 18000 faculty and over three million patients.
  9. The Healthcare IT Guy: Shahid is CEO of Netspective, a consultancy that specializes in healthcare IT. He covers IT, EMR, EHR, PHR, medical content and document management.

HIT News & Opinion Blogs

  1. Chilmark Research: Chilmark Research is a healthcare industry analyst firm performing market research and analysis on healthcare information technology (HIT) adoption and use.
  2. EMR Daily News: More than news, this blog offers insight from techs who have been at the periphery of the Electronic Medical Records for several years.
  3. Health IT Buzz: Straight from the government’s computer to your eyes. This blog provides updates for citizens, healthcare consumers, health providers, and any organizations supporting healthcare and health IT, including federal agencies and others.
  4. Healthcare Collaboration: Dr. Cohn is a board-certified general surgeon who focuses on collaboration both physically and electronically between physicians and between hospitals and patients.
  5. Healthcare Technology News: This blog has convinced many readers that health information technology is going to play a major role in shaping the American healthcare experience in coming years.
  6. HISTalk: This is a valuable resource, filled with blog entries, articles, news, discussion, job opportunities and more, all focused solely on HIT.
  7. Informaticopia: Rod Ward & colleagues offer a UK perspective on worldwide coverage of news and views on health informatics and elearning.
  8. Lab Soft News: Bruce Friedman is a pathology professor and the found of a yearly clinical lab software conference. He also is credited with having named the field of pathology informatics in 1990.
  9. Medical Connectivity: You will find news and opinion at this blog, which focuses on health care, medical device connectivity and related issues.
  10. Neil Versel’s Healthcare IT Blog: A healthcare journalist’s views on the major segment of the industry he covers — HIT. He also has a podcast.

HIT, HIPAA and Law

  1. Blawg Review: What better way to catch up on all the health care law blogs (Blawgs) out there than through a carnival site that features top stories from various providers? Go for it.
  2. EMR and HIPAA: This blog provides an open forum for EMR, EHR, HIT and HIPAA-related information.
  3. Health Care Law Blog: Bob Coffield practices health care law and is interested specifically in the application of technology to the practice of law and medicine.
  4. HealthBlawg: If you aren’t familiar with this blog by now, then you might check it out…David Harlow has over twenty years of experience on legal, policy and business issues facing the health care community.
  5. HIPAA Blog: You may already have this blog bookmarked; but, we’re including it just in case you haven’t noticed this addition to the EMR and HIPAA information flow.
  6. HIPAA, HITECH & HIT: If other attorneys are linking to this blog (and they do), then perhaps you might take a look. Offered by Fox Rothschild, LLP, Attorneys at Law.

Specific Medical Technology:

  1. Curing Healthcare: This blog, presented by the President/CEO of National Health Data Systems, Inc., offers a wide variety of medical tech news. You might notice the wiki work…you can get involved.
  2. e-Care Management Blog: Vince Kuraitis, a healthcare business consultant, provides insights into the network economy, including strategy and business models for technological advances in the industry.
  3. GNUmed for the Masses: This blog deals with the free and open source software, GNUmed, a software package for medical professionals who are seeking a patient management solution.
  4. HealthNex: Learn more about EHR, health information exchange, clinical transformation and biobanking from an IBM perspective.
  5. HL7 Blog: HL-7 is an interface standard for exchanging and transferring health data between computer systems, and that’s the entire focus of this blog, offered by Corepoint Health. This company also offers the Corepoint Health IT Blog.
  6. LinuxMedNews: Medical IT news straight from the Linux workhorse’s mouth. The focus is on revolutionizing medical education and practice.
  7. RHIOs, Health Information Exchange & Telemedicine: This blog, written by a practicing physician, provides a discussion of all topics in health care IT with an emphasis in RHIOs, Health Information Exchange (HIR), EHR and telemedicine.

General Medical Technology:

  1. Australian Health Information Technology: Although this blog originates from Down Under, the focus is on the world-flattening perspective wrought by eHealth and HIT management systems globally.
  2. Constructive Medicine 2.0: This blog is intended to serve as a educational tool to anyone who is interested in empowering their health through information technologies.
  3. Change Doctor: Dr. Lyle Berkowitz is a practicing internal medicine physician and healthcare informatics expert with a passion for creating innovative solutions that improve the quality and efficiency of the healthcare system for physicians and for patients.
  4. Dispatches from the krew: This ‘krew’ has been blogging about healthcare informatics since 2004.
  5. Future Health IT: This blog focuses on how you can create future healthcare now through electronic methods.
  6. Healthcare & Technology: This blog covers health IT, HITECH/HIPAA, EHR, EMR and offers a wide range of Internet resources.
  7. Ivor Kovic’s Blog: Can’t stop staring at the visual ‘logo’ on this blog…but it would be nice to do so, as this blog is filled with information about the intersections among medicine, science, the Internet, music for robots and more.
  8. Positive Technology Journal: Dr. Gaggioli, psychologist, offers a blog on ‘mind, brain and emerging technologies.’ Worth a look on this interesting perspective about working with technology.
  9. Project HealthDesign: Rethinking the power and potential of personal health records.
  10. Tech Medicine: Dr. Schwimmer offers a column on healthcare and IT in general through HealthLine.
  11. The Patient’s Doctor: Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD, is an IVF specialist who believes in information therapy. In other words, he is all about connectivity for health benefits on both sides of the fence.

Gadgets and Software

  1. Bob on Medical Device Software: Robert Nadler is a Biomedical Engineer who has been involved in the development of software for medical and scientific devices for “many (many)” years.
  2. Dr. Greiver’s EMR: Follow along as this family physician implements an EMR into her practice.
  3. Fred Trotter: This ‘hacktivist’ provides information on topics that range from CCHIT to EHR to Wikis and everything else between.
  4. Joel on Software: Not all blog entries focus on medicine or health, but you may find that Joel is a great read and informative to boot. You can trust his advice and information, which has little to nothing to do with blogging.
  5. Krafty Librarian: you may not be a medical librarian, but you may like what this medical librarian offers in the way of technology and gadgets for all-around use and for the healthcare field.
  6. MedGadget: No medical professional can do without this gadget toy store that showcases emerging medical technologies. Go forth and drool.
  7. Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Bioengineering and the like: The title of this blog says it all…except for the part where you can learn about regulations, FDA, policies, law and much more.

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