25 Free iPhone Applications to Help You Stay Healthy

by admin on January 27, 2010

The iPhone is a marvelous piece of technology for a wide variety of reasons. Chief among them is the prevalence of iPhone applications. In today’s busy society, having access to applications that can help you stay healthy while on-the-go is extremely helpful. I’ve come up with a list of 25 free iPhone applications that can help you maintain health by providing you with tools that do everything from counting calories to helping monitor your progress on your daily workout.

Weight Loss

Losing weight is never easy. However, with the plethora of tools that have been developed for the iPhone, your path to weight loss can be made significantly easier. These applications serve to help users do everything from monitoring their progress, to counting calories. Instead of spending loads of money on weight loss programs, many of these free applications can provide much of the same information and utility to help you meet your personal weight loss goals.

  1. TheCarrot – This application is fantastic for tracking a variety of important weight loss metrics. You can use it to track your calorie intake, heart rate, blood pressure, how much weight you’ve lost, and more. Being able to cross reference many of these metrics gives this application an added boost in usefulness.
  2. Lose It! – Losing weight is all about setting and achieving your personal goals. Lose It! provides users with a simple way to do this. This weight management application will allow you to track your weight loss progress, and even includes an easy-to-use calorie counter. If you set a certain number of calories you are allowed to have per day, you can input how much each item you consume will cost you. This is one way to ensure you never go over your pre-determined amount.
  3. WeightDate Weight Tracker – If you’re looking for measurable results, then this is the app for you. People’s weights often fluctuate from day to day. This application utilizes Google Charts to present detailed graphs of your weight loss. Even if your weight is fluctuating, but you can see that your overall trend is moving towards your goal; this can do wonders for your confidence.
  4. Lose the Belly (Weight Loss for Men) – One area of looks that causes many men to feel less confident is the belly. If you find you’d like to have less of a gut, than this app is right up your alley. This app offers users information and videos on several different ab workouts, as well as suggestions for diets that can help reduce any unwanted pudge you may have in your midsection.
  5. 2Fat – Statistics are a great way to measure how your weight loss goals are coming along. This simple, free iPhone application gives you tools to calculate your body mass index (BMI). Additionally, it provides you with a solid estimation of your body fat percentage.


Staying fit is integral to staying healthy in both body and mind. Effective fitness routines, however, require a significant amount of organization that some people find difficult to maintain. The following iPhone applications serve to ease the burden of the fitness buff by providing users with information on exercises, progress tracking, and much more. Why pay loads of cash for a personal trainer to tell you about some exercises, when you can download a free application to your phone that shows you how to do those same exercises?

  1. SixPack App FREE – One huge area of focus for fitness buffs is abdominal strength. More specifically, everybody wants to achieve the coveted six-pack abs. This awesome app can put you one step closer to achieving that goal. Boasting an impressive catalog of more than 100 exercises, including information and pictures on yoga stretches and poses, makes this application a great resource.
  2. iSpinningiSpinning – If you like to mountain bike, road bike, or just like being able to monitor key metrics during your workout, then you may love this iPhone app. iSpinning allows users to keep track of important information like heart rate (current, average, and max), the amount of calories burned, total bike time, and more. A fitness program becomes significantly more effective if you are able to track important statistics.
  3. EveryTrail – Another application for those who love biking, EveryTrail boasts a huge catalog of unique trail rides and paths for the avid biker. The iPhone application allows you to share your special route with the world, while being able to upload pictures of interesting landmarks along the way. If you are in a new place, and feel like going for a bike ride, bring this application along and you’ll be sure to find some of the best paths that place has to offer.
  4. RunKeeperRunKeeper – If you’re into running, then RunKeeper is your holy grail of applications. This great app utilizes the iPhone’s GPS features to track running distance, time, speed, pace, calories burned, and much more. Utilizing this app, you can even view data from past workouts, which will give you an idea of your overall progress. Another great feature is the ability to share your results with other users. What’s more motivating than trying to run farther, faster, than your friends?
  5. FitView Lite – If you want a solid, and more importantly, free app to help you with your workout routine, then look no further than FitView Lite. This application allows users to track up to 10 strength exercises, 10 aerobic activities, and 10 vital statistics at once. As users input data over time, they can view detailed graphs so they can see their progress. Fitness is as much about metrics as it is about commitment. FitView Lite takes this into account.


Nutrition is quintessential to a healthy lifestyle. Eating right can do wonders for your weight, energy, and overall well-being. Instead of shelling out tons of cash for a fancy dietician, these apps can help you monitor the types of foods you eat every day. Some of these applications can even help you plan meals that are good for you.

  1. MyNetDiary – Meal planning is central to any nutritional diet. MyNetDiary provides users with a way to track the kinds of foods they eat, taking calories and other nutritional elements into account. This app offers a robust search feature that can give you the calorie amounts of many foods. MyNetDiary also has an active user community that trades recipes, weight loss tips, and other nutritional advice. The app is free for download, but if you want to take advantage of the many other benefits, you need to pay a nominal $5 monthly subscription fee.
  2. Eight Glasses a DayEight Glasses a Day – Did you know that humans should be drinking about eight glasses of water every day? The makers of this application certainly knew this, and their app is perfect for helping you achieve that water intake goal. This simple app helps you keep track of how many glasses of water you’ve had in a given day. It automatically resets at the end of each day, and offers encouraging words for you once you’ve consumed your eighth and final glass for the day. Hydration management has never been easier with this application.
  3. 40-30-30 – Carbohydrates, protein, and fat…oh my! This app is based on the frequently cited nutrition rule that you should have a ratio of 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat every day. Calculating this from looking at nutrition facts can be time consuming. This application allows users to make sure they are keeping up with the ratios on their diet, without too much hassle.
  4. DieticianDietician – Having trouble coming up with a healthy meal for the evening? You don’t have to worry about it if you have the Dietician application on your iPhone. This app functions as both a diet and meal plan generator. Unlike other dieting software, instead of just telling you what you can and cannot eat, this app gives you access to detailed recipes. You can take your meal planning to the next level with Dietician.
  5. OneTrip – Have you ever come home from the store, only to realize you forgot something important and you have to go back out again? It’s a horrible experience, and one that this app hopes to eliminate altogether. OneTrip can help you catalog your grocery purchases, so you’ll never forget anything on your list. If there’s ever an item that you want that isn’t already listed, you can add it, and OneTrip will remember it for the next time.


With rising health care costs and insurance worries, consumers need all the help they can get when it comes to medicine. Luckily, there are several iPhone apps available for free that provide users with much needed medical information. Having apps that cover everything from symptom identification, to pharmaceutical drug information can do wonders for your medical budget and overall health.

  1. iRx – With the huge amount of pharmaceutical drugs that are on the market today, it can be challenging to get the right information about each drug. iRx allows users to directly access the FDA’s information for a specific drug. You can view side-effects, warnings, and many other useful facts about a drug. This app is useful for both patients and doctors alike.
  2. Vaccine ScheduleVaccines – Ever go to the doctor expecting a nice easy visit, only to get bombarded with a bunch of vaccines? This application provides you with a regular immunization schedule that is good for children and adults. Doctors and nurses will find this tremendously helpful, but anyone can benefit from knowing beforehand when their next shot will be.
  3. iFirstAid Lite – This is a fantastic application that could potentially help you save someone’s life. This app functions as a pocket first aid guide, containing information on everything from how to treat burns, to how to administer CPR. Additionally, if it’s a situation that requires immediate professional help, iFirstAid has a storage of a large number of emergency phone numbers from all around the world. You could potentially be in a different country and find the number to the closest fire station on your very own iPhone. Now that’s safety!
  4. WebMDWebMD Mobile – Everyone has heard of the online medical information juggernaut that is WebMD, but did you know they have an iPhone application as well? Thousands of articles and facts about a variety of health-related topics are always at your fingertips with this great app. You can rest assured that you’re getting trusted medical information if you need to look up symptoms, treatments, or any other medical advice with this app.
  5. Natural Cures – For those who may be skeptical of medical professions, or those who simply hate dealing with health insurance companies, this app may be useful. This application provides users with a wide variety of natural treatments for many common medical illnesses. Of course, you should use this at your own risk, and I’d still recommend seeing a doctor if something seems terribly serious. However, it’s nice to know you have alternatives.


There are many areas of health that are less well-known, yet equally important. There are iPhone applications that can help you with everything from your sleep cycle to monitoring how you brush your teeth. Once again, these are all free, which makes them even better.

  1. Brush Timer – Everyone knows you’re supposed to brush twice a day. That being said, too many people don’t spend enough time brushing, or don’t brush thoroughly enough. It’s almost as bad as not brushing at all if you miss important spots. This application provides users with a brush timer that will ensure you spend the right amount of time on every section of your teeth. Using this app should help to increase the cleanliness of your smile.
  2. BioDictionary – Not everyone is able to go to school for all the years required to become a doctor. Yet, there are still a wide variety of confusing medical terms out there that average Joe’s and Jane’s have to know. This application functions as a large dictionary of medical terms. With this app, next time your doctor is explaining something to you, and you have no idea what he’s talking about, you can excuse yourself to check your iPhone, and then return with full knowledge of the subject. Your doctor might just be impressed.
  3. Bob’s Sheep Counter – Sleep is an integral part of human health. Too many people function on too little sleep, and therefore have compromised immune systems. Bob’s Sheep Counter is exactly what it sounds like. This iPhone app features sheep jumping over fences. Spend some time counting the jumps while you try to fall asleep, and you just might find that dozing off is easier than ever.
  4. R-U-Buzzed?R-U-Buzzed? – Drinking can be fun, but drunk driving can take away that fun all-too quickly. This app works to give users an estimate of their BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). If your BAC is too high, then the app will rightly recommend you get a designated driver, or at the very least a taxi. Having this handy when you’re out having a good time with friends could be a great way to make sure everyone gets home safely. One large disclaimer is that it only provides an estimate, and therefore cannot be used to legally determine if you’re over the limit.
  5. Meditation Timer – Meditation is a healthy practice that many people enjoy. This application allows you to time your meditation, so you can fit it into your busy schedule. It works for an iPhone, iPod, and can even be burned to a CD.

So there you have 25 free iPhone applications that can help you stay healthy. There are many more, and if you find your needs aren’t met by something on this list, I encourage you to continue your search. We are all living in a fantastic age where scores of information is always available at our fingertips. Who knows, one of these apps could end up saving your life, or at the very least, help you to live a little healthier.

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