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April 2010

Technology is becoming increasingly user-friendly and consumer-driven. Small health gadgets are accessible to almost anyone, allowing consumers to monitor their own health. Indeed, you don’t even have to be a health care professional to monitor your own vitals, or increase the intensity of your work out.

You can use any number of creative gadgets to monitor your health, remind you to engage in healthy behaviors, and helping you know when to adjust your habits. Some of these gadgets are even quite affordable, making it possible for someone with almost any salary to use high technology to improve health. Here are 25 healthcare gadgets that can change the world — and your health. [click to continue…]

Health care politics aside, Americans and their global neighbors cannot expect immediate changes in healthcare disparities, poverty levels, infant mortality or cost and quality comparisons overnight. This list was compiled to remind readers about global health care costs and quality of care across the globe, with a special emphasis on women and infant care. The latter issues are important, as some of the highest infant mortality rates occur in the U.S. [click to continue…]