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February 2010

Massachusetts HealthcareThe debate over universal healthcare is still raging in the United States. There are many different (and often conflicting) viewpoints, from the extremely conservative, to the radically liberal, on what is the best course of action to take. Unfortunately, there is also a significant amount of misinformation surrounding the healthcare debate. This information is especially apparent when it comes to the Massachusetts Healthcare Model. Being the first state to try to institute a universal healthcare policy, both the pros and cons of Massachusetts’ policy have been documented, although sometimes inaccurately. Here is a list of 10 common myths about the Massachusetts Healthcare Model. [click to continue…]

Top 50 Healthcare IT Blogs

by The Health Sensei on February 01, 2010

So many great blogs about healthcare IT exist, but — unfortunately — many of them are not updated on a regular basis. This point is important for blogs that deal with an ever-changing field. This is one point we considered in the following list of top fifty healthcare IT blogs…the other points we considered were relevant information along with a good following and a well-written and easy-to-comprehend blog. [click to continue…]