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January 2010

The iPhone is a marvelous piece of technology for a wide variety of reasons. Chief among them is the prevalence of iPhone applications. In today’s busy society, having access to applications that can help you stay healthy while on-the-go is extremely helpful. I’ve come up with a list of 25 free iPhone applications that can help you maintain health by providing you with tools that do everything from counting calories to helping monitor your progress on your daily workout. [click to continue…]

17 Healthcare Trends that Are Actually Bad for Us

by The Health Sensei on January 22, 2010

Change is a hassle for many people, and the changes in this nation’s healthcare are continuous. Computerization, recession issues, the digital divide and even the price of gas all affect people and their health care. This list of seventeen healthcare trends and why they might be bad for us shows that some issues might be debatable, depending upon where you stand on the issues and how much money you have — the less wealthy you are, the more you may hurt from rising gas costs and computerization, for instance. [click to continue…]