Top 50 Healthy Living Blogs

by The Health Sensei on November 10, 2009

Are you seeking ways to develop a healthier lifestyle? If you want to learn how to live healthier through food, fitness and self-sufficiency, then the following list of the top fifty healthy living blogs may inspire you. These blogs are written by experts, and they’re also written by individuals who are walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

This list is divided into categories that cover every life aspect, including a few online communities where you can find support for your lifestyle changes. The links within each category are listed in alphabetical order. This method shows readers that we do not favor one blog over another.

Overall Lifestyle

  1. Abundance Tapestry: This life coach, mother, wife, ex-banker, Singaporean, Intuitive Consultant and Internet entrepreneur offers various insights into living an abundant life as opposed to one that my be damaged by traditional thinking and living.
  2. Healthy Green Lifestyle: For those who agree that living “green” also means living “healthy,” then visit this site to learn more about healthy diet and nutrition information, natural health and wellness and tips on a healthy green living lifestyle.
  3. Healthy Living: Will Taft has a bachelor’s degree in life sciences and agriculture, and he also worked on a farm. He later worked in a high-tech startup, but has continued to garden sustainably and organically. This penchant for “simple” living has spread into his writing about lifestyle choices.
  4. Healthy Living Today: Mark Salinas and his family provide insights on how physical, mental and emotional growth can lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle that is more fulfilling.
  5. Ideal Bite: This site offers bite-size ideas on how to change your life, from one that is toxic to one that is healthy and that makes a difference. Topics range from fashion to food and from health to home.
  6. Live Lighter: A woman who has lived an unhealthy lifestyle shares her experiences in turning that life around.
  7. My Super-Charged Life: If you want to find success and meaning in life, then meet Jeff Nickles. He is a corporate IT director at a large insurance agency, is an experienced entrepreneur, consultant, training instructor and military officer who provides advice on living life to its fullest.
  8. Nature Moms: Tiffany is a freelance writer and newspaper journalist from Ohio, and a natural mom to three kids under age seven. She shares her world with others who want to live a healthy, natural and green family lifestyle. She also is a cancer survivor, a status that lends credence to her thoughts on how to live healthy.
  9. The Jungle of Life: Use the thoughts provided by this blog’s writers to fight the “animals” that can consume you (debt, busy-ness, work, family, disease and poor health).
  10. The Positivity Blog: This blog is focused on positivity and opening up new possibilities through motivating and practical articles on how to improve your life through better habits and increased self-discipline.
  11. The Self Improvement Blog: Irene Conlan has a masters degree in nursing and a doctoral degree in metaphysics. She is a certified hypnotherapist and an ordained minister. Her mission is to help others find the tools they need to find happiness and health.
  12. Think Simple Now: Living a healthier lifestyle also means time for introspection. Tina explains some ways to help this process along as she also exemplifies her “think simple” lifestyle.
  13. Urban Monk: Learn how disadvantages can become advantages in developing a healthy, happy and productive life.
  14. Whole Health Source: Stephan Guyenet has his Ph.D. in neurobiology, and his goal in life is to live well and to help others do the same. His passion is to learn about and convey time-tested strategies for achieving and maintaining health and well-being.
  15. World of Psychology: This site does more than address various psychological illnesses – it also focuses on how unhealthy lifestyles can contribute to emotional and mental problems.


  1. Cranky Fitness: You don’t need to be a doctor to help people overcome an unhealthy lifestyle. But, it helps to be a personal witness to your own growth. Hence, Crabby McSlacker and her blog about becoming healthy, despite her penchant for cupcakes over broccoli.
  2. Fitness & Health with Dr. Gabe Mirkin: Dr. Mirkin has become popular in his perspectives on physical health, because he focuses on mental and emotional issues as well as the fitness aspect. His wife, Diana Mirkin, as a nutritionist, which helps to balance that perspective.
  3. Fitness Destinations: Aaron Potts is a former personal trainer who has altered his lifestyle to help more people become passionate about fitness and to create “wonderful lives for themselves.”
  4. Half-Fast: If you don’t think running is funny, visit this blog to learn how to find the humor behind the sweat.
  5. Lift: You don’t need to be a regular gym member to enjoy a healthy life. According to this Webzine author, “Fitness isn’t about living at the gym, it’s about living at your peak.”
  6. Old Man Running: If you are elderly (or young) and unfit, perhaps Allen can inspire you. This self-described “74-year-old geezer” shares his re-entry into distance running activities.
  7. Premiere Personal Fitness: Fred Fornicola is a training innovator and writer who offers his perspectives on how to use your body in the most effective way possible to achieve health and well-being.
  8. The Fat man Walking: This is another inspirational rather than instructional blog, written by a man who made a fateful decision to walk across America to lose weight and to regain control over his life.
  9. Walking Blog: One simple exercise that can contribute to weight loss, fitness and a sense of well-being is walking. Let Wendy Bumgardner, certified marathon coach and avid walker, teach you how to walk for fitness.
  10. Zen to Fitness: Despite a focus on healthy living, this blogger feels that it still seems abnormal to try to live a healthy life. Follow Chris’s journey as he offers his perspectives on his health and fitness progress.

Diet and Nutrition

  1. Dr. Weil: Dr. Andrew Weil is all about integration of Eastern and Western remedies for existing conditions. However, he also is a well-known advocate for preventative health through eating well and through using natural resources to maintain that health.
  2. Circle of Food: This blog focuses on a healthy lifestyle by focusing on food recall safety information, healthy recipes, diets and healthy lifestyle tips.
  3. Eat Live Run: Jenna is a a 24-year-old food writer with a passion for nutrition. She also is certified by the American Fitness Professionals and Associates as a Nutritional and Wellness Consultant, so she can answer your questions regarding nutrition and exercise.
  4. Healthy Food Journal: If you want to lose weight, do it with health. Learn how from a team of professional writers from various backgrounds and fields of expertise.
  5. Joanna’s Food: Experience tales about family cooking from scratch on a daily basis, even if you don’t want to do it for yourself or your family.
  6. Laurel on Health Food: This blog is about nutrition, healthy eating and health food. Laurel is a certified holistic health counselor, freelance writer and blogger.
  7. The Ethicurean: If you want to find a site that focuses on sustainable, organic and local foods, then you’ve met it here. While this blog investigates policies on food, it also provides insights into the pleasures of food.
  8. Vegetarian Foodie: “Mix great food, wine, family and friends and top it all off with leisure.” That’s Shelly’s philosophy, and she’s willing to share how to achieve it with this blog.


  1. Bifurcated Carrots: Patrick and Steph, Chicago natives who now live in the Netherlands, provide their insights into community gardening below sea level without electricity and trash collection.
  2. Cold Climate Gardening: If you live in a cold climate, you might appreciate this blog, which focuses on cold-climate plants. Although the major interest is flowers, this site contains a huge directory filled with resources for any type of gardening.
  3. Compost Confidential: National television gardening host, Joe Lamp’l and his friends share the perspective on gardening and green living at this blog.
  4. Elspeth Thompson’s Weblog: One brave woman’s attempt to build an eco-home from two rail carriages while living a self-sustainable life with her garden.
  5. Frog Bottom Farm: If you’re too busy to garden, why not invest in a community-supported farm project like this one? Although this farm is located in Virginia, you can learn about CSA farming at this blog and find a CSA farm near you through information provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
  6. Garden Fresh Living: Theresa Loe has worked as a garden and culinary writer since 1990, and she shares her knowledge about organic, edible gardens, children’s gardens, urban homesteads, herbs, canning and preserving and home entertaining at this blog.
  7. Gardening Nude: Shawna operates an “irreverent blog that helps you get metaphorically naked.” She wants you to stop making excuses and get healthy, get green and get into community to make a difference for yourself and for this planet.
  8. Life on the Balcony: Do you live in an apartment or condo? Don’t let restricted space stop you from growing your own food. Let Fern Richardson show you how.
  9. Purple Podded Peas: This freelance illustrator, print-maker and book designer also grows fruits, vegetables, salad crops and herbs in the UK. Visit to enjoy her journey.
  10. The Cottage Smallholder: Even if you live in a small space, you can stumble into self-sufficiency, from raising a few chickens or bees to a vegetable garden and homemade wines, with help from this blog.
  11. The Garden Monkey: This garden monkey is mischevious, intelligent and – therefore – makes attempts at foraging as well as help you to appreciate food projects all over the globe.
  12. Top Veg: If you want to grow fresh vegetables for your family and plan for a constant supply, then visit this site to learn more about how to accomplish those goals.

Online Communities

  1. Health Diaries: the blogs at this site focus on those everyday things that happen between doctor visits. Things like worry, unanswered questions and continued illness. You can read other diaries or start your own at this health-driven community site.
  2. This Webzine also is a community-driven site that counts on your participation in polls, interaction and feedback. Topics include healthy eating and living, diet and weight loss and health news and information from “A to Z.”
  3. Lime: This is healthy living “with a twist.” Join this community to learn about food, health, how to create a green home and living the change.
  4. RealBuzz: Learn how to live a healthy, active life when you begin to share your lifestyle with others. This community addresses health and fitness, sports and leisure, food and diet, travel and more.
  5. The Body Deli: Join this Ning network to connect with others who share a passion for natural beauty, healthy living, wellness and “everything that makes life more delicious.”

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